EPD PhD Programme Requirements

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Professional Development Programme (PDP) (Optional)

This PDP is to ensure that each student has sufficient training in important skill, such as oral and written communications skills, management of technology-based enterprises, technology assessment and entrepreneurship. Upon completion, a certificate will be issued.

Teaching Experience

All PhD students funded by SUTD President’s Graduate Fellowship is required to complete their teaching duties.

Overseas Attachment & Industrial Internship Programmes (Optional)

Each student is given an opportunity to participate in the overseas attachment and industrial internship programmes after passing all the requirement of the qualifying exam. The overseas attachment and industrial internship programmes are optional, and are subjected to approval from the advisor and SUTD PhD programme. The duration for both programmes can be for up to 6 months each.

Qualifying & Preliminary Examinations

The student is required to take a qualifying examination (QE) by 2 years. In the QE, the student is required to give a presentation of 45 mins about their PhD research proposal including completed research works done in SUTD.

The exam will be assessed by a faculty committee appointed by EPD head of pillar, consisting of at least four faculty members: chair, thesis advisor and two committee members. The head of pillar in consultation with the student’s advisor, may decide to appoint an external member on the committee.

The assessment is based on 1) broad knowledge in related field of study, 2) student’s knowledge in his/her area of research, and 3) PhD thesis proposal. The committee could make one of the following three recommendations: Pass, Fail with one additional chance, and Fail. In the event a second chance is offered, the student must re‐appear for another exam within the specified duration specified by the committee.

Thesis Defence

Upon request by the student, the head of pillar will appoint a committee of at least four faculty members to examine the thesis. The student will be required to defend his/her work in an oral examination. The committee will consist of the student’s advisor, a co‐advisor (if any), two members of the EPD faculty, and a committee chair. The head of pillar in consultation with the advisor may decide to include an external faculty member on the examination committee. A student must be declared to have passed the thesis examination and the oral defense to be able to quality for the PhD degree.