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About the EPD Academic Mentorship Exercise

This is an exercise for students to indicate their preferred choice of courses for the next term. It acts as a pre-registration for courses. Participation in this exercise will go a long way in helping the Office of Student Administration plan the timetable and for course leads to prepare materials. It also helps students plan their academic route in consultation with an experienced advisor.

Benefits of the EPD Academic Mentorship Exercise


This process may be iterative and require more than one meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Exercise is a pre-registration for courses. Non-participation in the Exercise may result in an unsuccessful enrollment into the course. It also helps all stakeholders involved to plan e.g. OSA can better plan for the timetable to fit everyone’s needs and course leads can plan and prepare materials. Importantly, it benefits you as you gain more information about your academic pursuits through this process.
Ultimately, timetabling is a complex process which involves all Pillars and many factors and logistics. While your chances of being enrolled in all your courses are much higher through participation, it is not guaranteed.

That being said, EPD does allow for some flexibility, so please email the UG Office for alternative solutions.

They must state their reason for doing so and this is subject to approval by the Track Lead. This approval could be obtained directly from the Track Lead or via the EPD UG Office.

This is also subject to timetable availability.

No. DDP students can select any track but they must ensure that they are able to fulfil the track requirements. This may require DDP students to overload.

Alternatively, DDP students can submit their graduation plan to the Track Lead for approval.

You can ask the EPD UG Office for help to contact your mentee or mentor.
Yes. Please select the corresponding option and indicate your desired track. You should speak to your mentor about whether the courses you are taking overseas can fit into your desired track. If in doubt, seek advice from the Track Lead directly or via the UG Office.
If you meet the minimum GPA required, you must discuss your reasons with your mentor and obtain approval from him or her. You must then forward this approval to the EPD UG Office.

When course registration starts, you will register for the course manually if it fits your timetable.

For more information on auditing courses, please click here –

For more information on overload, please click here –

It means that you have completed all courses up to Term 5.
You must discuss this change with your mentor. Following approval, kindly email the UG Office and we will manually change your choices for you. Please note that this is only possible before OSA finalizes the timetable.
Of course. The EPD Academic Mentorship Programme will last throughout your time in the Pillar. You can look for your mentor at any time to discuss any academic matters.
When in doubt, kindly email the EPD Undergraduate Office for help.