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About the EPD Academic Mentorship Programme

logo-epd-mentoring-logoGraduates from the EPD Pillar will be systems thinkers, innovators, highly-competent engineers and problems solvers, designers, and technically-grounded leaders. Each graduate will have a mindset and skill set in innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit, will be adept at self-directed learning, and be able to communicate visually, verbally, and in writing at a very high level of competence. EPD graduates will be sought after and hired across industrial fields, including engineering, finance, consultation firms, government organizations, transactional firms, manufacturing, and many others, as problem solvers, systems designers, and various approaches to data analytics.

Benefits of Mentorship

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Academic Mentorship Exercise

An important part of the experience and academic pursuits of the EPD Pillar is choosing a path of study and specialisation. During each term, you are required to select the EPD courses of areas of specialisation. To assist you in selecting your specialisation track/courses, each EPD student (Mentee) is being assigned to an EPD Faculty member (Mentor). The Mentor will be your advisor on academic matters each term until graduation. Please take note that this is an important and required process each student has to take in order to move onto to each subsequent term.