Policy Statement on Course Registration

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EPD academic programmes are designed carefully so students can achieve technical fundamentals with skills and capabilities.

EPD subjects (Terms 4-8) are offered to students of all Pillars in SUTD. In order for the student to undertake the desired course:

  1. A student can register for courses only when the prerequisites have been met or special permission is obtained if the course does not fall within their chosen specialisation track matrix. A prerequisite indicates the specific academic background or general academic maturity considered necessary for the student to be ready to undertake the course. Additional information about prerequisites is published on EPD website or in programme documents.
  2. All EPD courses are subject to enrolment limitations- depending on class size and nature of the time table scheduling.
  3. A student may appeal the EPD Pillar to waive a requirement on evidence of strong background in the subject area.  Waiver will be accepted only if the student’s academic mentor and the EPD Undergraduate, Accreditation and Pedagogy Committee overseeing this policy approve the petition.

It is advisable for students to follow these requirements upon selecting a course. Students are responsible for observing course prerequisites.