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Advising Track Overview

Computer Engineering is the application of mathematical and scientific principles to the analysis, design, configuration and operation of the computer related systems. The objective of the Computer Engineering track is to prepare students with solid and applicable knowledge of computer architecture, computer science, electronic engineering, programming, network system, database management, information storage and the application of these understandings to creative solutions for computer and network systems. This course will equip the students with the skillsets in design and analysis of personal computers, electronic circuits, microprocessors, Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), computer networks, network servers, embedded systems, operating systems and software with various applications, and more. The Computer Engineering track at EPD will also bring the students with research opportunities in computer software and hardware design, including visual and interactive computing, algorithms and analytics, computational intelligence, compilers, VLSI, and distributed computing. Students graduated from Computer Engineering track are very versatile and have career opportunities in software development, computer architecture, electronics design, digital system, data analysis, software quality assurance, telecommunications, transportation, manufacturing, computer-aided design (CAD), hardware and software project management, consultant, web-based applications development, network systems, and others.

Track Lead: Nagarajan Raghavan

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Last updated: 28 March 2024