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Advising Track Overview

Mechanical Engineering is the application of physical principles in the analysis, design, construction, and operation of mechanical systems. The objective of the Mechanical Engineering track is to prepare students with solid knowledge of mechanical concepts, thermal fluid system, material science, principles of design and control, and the application of these understandings to creative solutions for modern mechanical systems. The skillset developed through the study will enable students to design and analyze aero-system, automotive vehicles, biomedical instruments, energy conversion systems, fluidic and thermal systems, industrial machinery, manufacturing equipment, robotics and more. The Mechanical Engineering track at EPD will also expose the students to the frontier of modern research in Mechanical Engineering, including clean energy, advanced materials, micro/nano-technology and biomechanics. Students graduated from Mechanical Engineering track are very versatile and have career options in a broad spectrum of industries, including aerospace, automation and control, automobile, biomedical instrumentation, computer-aided design (CAD) / computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), manufacturing plant, mechanical design and consulting, oil & gas technology, pharmaceutical manufacturing, robotics, semiconductor manufacturing, thermal and power engineering and others.

Track Lead: Ye Ai

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Last updated: 28 March 2024