Advising Track Overview

Designing robots requires multi-disciplinary knowledge and expert skills in fabrication, mechanical, electronics, and electrical engineering, art, and user studies. With the emergence of service robotics industries and recent boom in the traditional industrial robotics market, this track aims to provide the students with knowledge of the robotics fundamentals, skills in the modeling, design and development of robotic platforms, an insight into their theoretical essentials and the expertise to apply these methods to real world problems. The skillset developed through the study will enable students to design and realize novel robotic mechanisms, sensing and control strategies for mobile robots and build human interactive robotic systems. The Robotics track at EPD will also expose the students to the frontier of modern research, including bio-inspired designs, nano-robots, wearable systems and next generation industrial robotics. A series of tailor made projects are seeded into the track providing opportunity for the students to demonstrate skills related to simulation, design and implementation of industry specific robotic platforms and research problems. The students specializing in this track typically follow careers in robotics, automation, research agencies, manufacturing, aerospace, maritime, oil and gas industry, consumer electronics, bio-medical, and defense research.

Track Lead: Soh Gim Song

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Last updated: 28 March 2024