30.007 Engineering Design Innovation Student Projects

30.007 Engineering Design Innovation Student Projects2020-12-02T16:02:24+08:00

by Class of 2021

by Class of 2021

Group 1

Multi-surface, facade-cleaning cleaning robot capable of overcoming obstacles with innovative agar cleaning method

Group 2

Ballpoint Pen Ink Cartridge Refill Machine

Group 3

Smart Wardrobe to reduce textile waste with AI

Group 4

Self-sustainable Autonomous Beach Cleaning Robot

Group 5

Solar Food Delivery Bag to keep food warm through the journey

Group 7

Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY) Plastic Production Robot

Group 8

Autonomous Rooftop Farming System

Group 10

Low Frequency Sound Wave Fire Extinguisher

Group 11

ARC-V: a screw-propelled, amphibious Autonomous River Cleaning Vessel

Group 12

Medicine Donation And Disposal (MedDAD) - Medicine Recycling System

Group 13

Seat-to-Stand - Wheelchair to Walker Transition Aid

Group 14

WALLA - Coastline Plastic Cleaning Robot

Group 16

Food Waste Recycling System which converts food waste into disposable products

Group 17

The FridgeFriend: A smart fridge shelving system that reduces food waste

Group 19

Sinkk - Built-In Dual Basin Kitchen Sink to reduce water consumption in dishwashing