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Cheah Chin Wei

Senior Lecturer

Telephone: +65 6499 4570
Room Number: 1.502-29
Research Areas:
Electrical Engineering

Pillar / Cluster: Engineering Product Development, Science, Mathematics and Technology


Chin Wei graduated from National University of Singapore, engineering faculty, microelectronics division in 1997 with first class honours. After graduating with a bachelor of engineering, Chin Wei continued to pursue his doctorate in National University of Singapore under supervision of Prof Tan Leng Seow and Prof Gamani Karunasiri. The research work was focused on the quantum well photo detector device physics model development for TM and TE mode EM excitation response, the model developed was applied on TE mode infrared response optimization followed by device fabrication and characterization for model validation. In the post graduate school, Chin Wei also acquired experiences in teaching through works as teaching assistant and graduate tutor. In 2002, Chin Wei was conferred doctor of philosophy.

In 2001, Chin Wei joined TECH Semiconductor Singapore Pte. Ltd. (now Micron Semiconductor Asia Fab7) as a plasma dry etch senior engineer in the advanced technology team (ADT), working on plasma dry etch process development and optimizations. In 2002, Chin Wei worked in the process integration group of ADT and focused on MOL and BEOL technology integration in DRAM fabrication. He was promoted to MTS in 2004 and Principal Engineer in 2006. In 2011, Chin Wei joined SUTD as a senior lecturer to pursue a career in research and teaching.


  • PhD Electrical Engineering, National University of Singapore, 2002
  • BEng Electrical Engineering, National University of Singapore, 1997

Research Interests

  • Quantum device modeling, design and engineering
  • Semiconductor microfabrication technology development
  • Emerging memory technology modeling, design and engineering

Research Projects

  • Quantum well infrared photo detector TM and TE mode EM excitation model development
  • Quantum well infrared photo detector normal incident response optimization design and engineering
  • Quantum well infrared photo detector device fabrication and characterizations
  • Semiconductor device fabrication and integration for dynamic random access memory

Awards & Achievements

  • Kuok Foundation Scholarship 1993-1997
  • TECH Semiconductor Scholarship 1995-1997
  • The National University of Singapore (NUS) Research Scholarship 1997-2001
  • Dean’s List in Electrical Engineering Department 1998

Selected Publications

  • C. W. Cheah, L. S. Tan, and G. Karunasiri, (2002) “Application of analytical k.p model with envelope function approximation to intersubband transitions in n-type III-V semiconductor quantum wells”, J. Appl. Phys. 91, 5105
  • C. W. Cheah, G. Karunasiri, L. S. Tan, and L. F. Zhou, (2002) “Responsivities of n-type GaAs/InGaAs/AlGaAs step multiple-quantum well infrared detectors”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 80, 145
  • C. W. Cheah, G. Karunasiri, and L. S. Tan, (2002) “Analysis of AlGaAs/GaAS/InGaAs n-type stepped multiple quantum wells for the optimisation of normal incident absorption”, Semicond. Sci. Technol. 17 (2000), 1
  • C. W. Cheah, G. Karunasiri, L. S. Tan, and L. F. Zhou, “Experimental measurement of intersubband transitions in GaAs/InGaAs/AlGaAs step multiple quantum wells”, 6th International Conference on Intersubband Transitions in Quantum Wells, 10-14 September 2001
  • C. W. Cheah, L. S. Tan, and R. P. G. Karunasiri, “Theoretical and experimenal studies on the improvement of the response of n-type III-V QWIPs to TE polarized infrared radiation”, Conference on Optoelectronics and Microelectronics Materials and Devices (COMMAD 2000), 6-8 December 2000