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Hong Yee Low

Associate Head of Pillar (EPD), Associate Professor (EPD) & Director of the Digital Manufacturing and Design Centre (DManD)

Telephone: +65 6499 4612
Research Areas:
Material Science

Pillar / Cluster: Engineering Product Development


Hong Yee Low received her PhD from Case Western Reserve University in 1998, in the area of polymer science and engineering.  She spent about 2 years in Motorola Semiconductor Sector in Malaysia.  To pursue her interest in materials research, she joined the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) in 2000.  During her career in  IMRE, she has held a few key appointments including the department head for the Patterning and Fabrication Capability group for 5 years, principle investigator /program director for nanoimprinting research since 2003, as well as the director of research for 2 years. In terms of research, she has been working on nanoimprinting of biomimetic surfaces. Her team has developed a variety of biomimetic surface functionalities onto engineering polymers, which she believes has a good potential to be a more sustainable technology to impart and improve product performance without relying on chemicals.

Education Background
  1. Ph.D, Macromolecular Science  (Case Western Reserve University,USA) 1998
  2. M. Sc.,Macromolecular Science (Case Western Reserve University,USA) 1995
  3. B. Sc. ,Macromolecular Science (Case Western Reserve University,USA) 1993
Research Interests

Engineering of ‘soft’ material properties at nanoscale which include development of scalable nanofabrication processes and the understanding of structural-properties relationships.

Representative  & Recent Publications
  1. Rodriguez, Isabel; Low, Hong Yee; Elmouelhi, Noha; Natarajan, Sriram; Lim, Chee Tiong;; Vyakarnam, Murty; cooper, Kevin Bioinspired adhesives fabricated on stiff or soft polymers, J.Adhesion, in press 20
  2. M V Kiryukhin, S R Gorelik, S M Man, G S Subramanian, H Y Low, M.Antipina, G B Sukhorukov, “ Individually Addressable Patterned Multilayer Microchambers for Site-Specific Release-On-Demand”, Macromolecular Rapid Commu., 34, 2013, 87-93
  3. J.Dumond and H.Y.Low “Recent developments and design challenges in continuous roller micro- and nanoimprinting”, JVST B 30, 010801, 2012 (cover page, top 20 most downloaded in Nov 2012
  4. J. Dumond, K. A. Mahabadi, Y. S. Yee, C. Tan, J. Y. Hsi Fuh, Heow Pueh Lee and Hong Yee Low, High resolution UV roll-to-roll nanoimprinting of resin moulds and subsequent replication via thermal nanoimprint lithography, Nanotechnology,  23, 2012
  5. NK Teo, SH Goh, T.S.Kustandi, W.W.Loh, H.Y.Low and E.E.K. Yim,” The effect of micro and nanotopography on endocytosis in drug and gene delivery system”, Biomaterials, 32, 9866, 2011
  6. M V Kiryukhin, S M Man, S R Gorelik, G S Subramanian, H Y Low, G B Sukhorukov, “Fabrication and mechanical properties of microchambers made of polyelectrolyte multilayers”, Soft Matter, 7 (14): 6550-6556, 2011