SUTD 3D Printing and Design Innovation Challenge 2022

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SUTD 3D Printing and Design Innovation Challenge 2022

Announcement of Winners!

Local School student category Local Polytechnic student category
Top Prize Slicer

School: Raffles Institution

GENXpert Scanner

School: ITE College East
Team of 3

1st Runner-up Sweeper Cart

School: Tampines Meridian Junior College
Team of 3


School: Republic Polytechnic

2nd Runner-up LedgeBeClean

School: Victoria Junior College
Team of 2


School: Republic Polytechnic
Team of 3

*More details on the winning designs can be found here.


This competition is supported by the James Dyson Foundation and organized by SUTD to promote awareness about 3D Printing technologies, and to experience, learn and apply human-centred design, technology, and engineering to solving real-world challenges.

Design, when powered by Technology, is the informed, intentional, intelligent and imaginative force that will drive innovations to improve lives, grow economics and sustain our world. Even on our local shores, there are opportunities aplenty in designing solutions to solve our societal challenges and improve our population’s well-being.

Competition Details

Participants of this challenge will be invited to the SUTD 3D Printing & Design Innovation Day where they will be introduced to design innovation and 3D printing technologies and applications. They will also have access to 3D printers at MakeIT@NLB as well as attend clinic sessions at SUTD prior to the submission.

Category & Eligibility

Submissions can be done as an individual participant or groups of up to 5 persons.

Category Eligibility*
Local School student category
  • Students from local Junior Colleges, International Baccalaureate (Singapore) schools^, National University of Singapore High School, Secondary Schools, Singapore-based International Schools
Local Polytechnic student category
  • Students from local Polytechnics, including LASALLE College of the Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts diploma programmes

* Participation is limited to students who are 15 years old and above.
^ Anglo Chinese School (Independent), St. Joseph’s Institution, School of the Arts (SOTA), and Singapore Sports School.


Local School student category Local Polytechnic student category
Top Prize S$5,000 S$5,000
1st Runner-up S$2,500 S$2,500
2nd Runner-up
(or Special Awards)*
(or $250 each)
(or $250 each)

* Subject to quality of submissions.
Note: The University reserves the right to not award specific prizes if there are no deserving entries.

Important Dates

Dates Events
11 Mar 2022 RSVP deadline for SUTD 3D Printing and Design Innovation Day
18 Mar 2022 SUTD 3D Printing and Design Innovation Day
14 Jun 2022 Submission deadline
17-24 Jun 2022 Showcase and Public Voting
23 Aug 2022 Announcement of Winners at AM conference

SUTD 3D Printing and Design Innovation Day [Virtual]

All participants are strongly encouraged to attend a 1-day SUTD 3D Printing and Design Innovation Day virtually on 18 Mar 2022 (during Mar Holidays). Attendees will be able to gain insights into the realm of 3D Printing technologies and Design Thinking.

Attendees can look forward to the following programme:

Timing Programme Personnel
10.30 – 11.00am Introduction

A brief introduction about SUTD’s mission and our motivation for organising this competition, as well as to provide general information about the competition.

11.00 – 11.45am Expert Sharing on 3D Printing

Sharing on application of 3D printing and its importance.

Prof Chua Chee Kai
11.45 – 12.45pm Lunch
12.45 – 2.30pm Micro Design Innovation Activity

Experiential activity to bring attendees through the process of Design, encompassing Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver phases. It demonstrates a core approach to engaging user empathy, reframing, ideation, prototyping, and iterative design refinement, thereby enabling participants to take their first step into the world of design innovation.

Prof. Lucienne Blessing
2.30 – 3.15pm Expert Sharing on Dyson Engineering Philosophy James Dyson Foundation Representative
3.15 – 5.15pm Tutorial on operation of FDM Printer (optional)

Tutorial to acquaint participants with the basic operations of a typical FDM 3D printer.

Note: Places are limited, and confirmation will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Register NOW!
Timing Activities Venue
Wed to Sun: 12.00 – 7.00pm Use of 3D Printing Facilities

To support participants with no access to 3D printers, MakeIT@NLB will be availing 3D printers on selected days.

Participants could book your 3D printing starter workshops here, there are 9 workshops running per month in 3 Regional Libraries, the new events will be added one month prior to the programme month to this collection.

Participants will need to attend the above starter session to be certified to book 3D printer, once you are certified, you could book to use the 3d printer here.

  • Jurong Regional Library
  • Tampines Regional Library
  • Woodlands Regional Library
Mar – May Clinic Sessions

To support participants who require advice regarding 3D printer operating parameters, materials and 3D print orientation/supports (on a pre-registration, first come first serve basis).

Note: We will not address questions relating to Design/ CAD or other aspects in ensuring the integrity of the competition.


Competition Information

  • The design must contain more than 70% of 3D printed material, though there is no limitation on the choice of materials. Support structure removal is also allowed.
  • The final printed product should require minimal manual assembly and post-colouring. If manual assembly is required (e.g. fixing on bolts, screws or glue), participants are required to provide a description and relevant justifications on the techniques used.
  • No limitation on post-assembly of several printed parts. However, given that the aim is to showcase the strengths of 3D printing, designs that innovatively and efficiently utilise3D printing techniques, as an alternative to other manufacturing techniques, will be judged favourably.
  • The dimensions of the design should be kept within 1 metre by 1 metre by 1 metre (Length x Breadth x Height).

The following conditions are to be strictly adhered to. Failure to do so may disqualify relevant submissions.

  • All submissions must be participants’ original work, have not been in production or otherwise previously published or exhibited.
  • The design including picture, icon, symbol within, shall not in any way infringe any third party’s right, including but not limited to copyright, logos, trademark, or other proprietary rights.
  • Each participant/team can only submit 1 design.
  • Submissions can be done as an individual participant or groups of up to 5 persons. If a team wins, there will be only 1 prize per team and the cash prize will be transferred to the team leader, who will be solely responsible for the distribution of prize among team members.
  • The winning design belongs to the organizer who reserves the right to print, use and alter it in any manner deemed fit, without payment of any fee.
  • All entries sent to this competition will be retained by the organiser.
  • The winner or a representative from the winning team must be present in person to collect the prize in Singapore at the prize giving ceremony.

The entry package must be submitted to SUTD by 14 June 2022 (Tue), by 5pm. Only printed physical parts are accepted as submissions.

The entry package should contain the following:

1. 3D printed physical part for submission with design name and participants full name.

  • The entry package is to be sent to:

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
8 Somapah Road
Singapore 487372

Attn: Engineering Product Development,
SUTD 3D Printing & Design Innovation Challenge
Design Name:
Submitted by: <Participant(s)’ names>

2. A1 size printed poster (preferably with Backing) to be submitted with your prototype). It is mandatory to include entry details (design name, AM technique, AM material) and picture/renders of the design. You could also include a description of the design, disruptive and new elements, assembly method (if any) and fabrication process, in English. Note: Download the A1 poster template here.

3. Participants are to upload the following contents onto a Google Drive/ Dropbox folder and to share the link with us via our online submission form.

  • Softcopy of the original and editable design file and .stl file
  • Rendering of the design (tiff, png, jpeg formats)
  • A1 size poster softcopy in AI format.
  • Video showing the design to fabrication process of this entry (optional)
Submit Your Entries

Winners will be determined based on 70% judges panel evaluation, 15% public voting and 15% Social Media voting.

For judges’ evaluation, the panel may include SUTD, James Dyson Foundation and Science Centre Singapore experts in 3D printing, engineering, technology and design. Depending on the submission, opinions by experts in relevant fields may also be sought and considered.

We will be looking for a uniquely innovative design which:

  • Fits the chosen theme
  • Demonstrates the wide possibilities of 3D printing.
  • Inspires discussions on relevant 3D printing technologies for the future

Other considerations include:

  • Affordability and scalability
  • Functionality and design
  • Innovative usage of digital tools and manufacturing techniques

The decision of the judging panel will be final.

Winning/ awarded entries become the intellectual property (IP) of SUTD.

For the other submissions, the organizer owns the entries in the form of printed parts. The organizer may dispose of the entry as it deems fit and is under no obligation to return the submitted entry to the participants.

There are no fees required for participating in the competition. However, participants will have to cover the costs of their own 3D printing.

Submit Your Entries


For all enquiries regarding the competition, please send your queries to

Sponsored by

The James Dyson Foundation

In partnership with

MakeIT at Libraries

National Library Board Singapore

Science Centre Singapore

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