EPD 2D F1 Rally Competition

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Design, build and tune a feedback control system for a live autonomous robotics competition

2D: A competitive race where teams of students compete to design a robotic car to navigate an obstacle ridden course using nothing more than basic line detection sensors. Grading is based on the presented autonomous capability of the robot during the contest. It is tied closely with 30.007 Engineering Design Innovation, which runs concurrent with 30.101 Systems & Control, in the same semester. No new content is taught during the week and students can concentrate fully on the task at hand. The 2D competitive designette is perhaps one of the more prominent activities on the SUTD campus and is also revered as a renowned trademark of the course. Working in teams of 5, the Term 5 students are given 1 Week to design, build, and tune a feedback control system to make a cart robot they built earlier in the term now navigate a rally course as fast as possible. The project is a rapid intense experience at developing combined hardware, software and controls.