Here is a chance of a lifetime to participate in this really educational and super fun IAP activity!


This two-day module is a prelude for students who are interested in biomedical and healthcare innovation. The module has about 10 contact hours and will be conducted in Changi General Hospital. The module includes workshops held by Healthcare Professionals on healthcare topics, site visit to hospital facilities and also a short attachment to Healthcare Professionals to better understand their day to day work and challenges faced in the course of healthcare delivery.


Activity No. of Hours Date
Workshop 1 (Intro to Singapore healthcare Landscape and Challenges) 2 18th Jan 2017 (11am-1pm)
Workshop 2 (Intro to EHA and CGH) and Site Visit 1 (CGH facilities) 3 18th Jan 2017 (2-5pm)
Shadowing a Healthcare Professional 3 20th Jan 2017 (8.30-11.30am)
Site Visit 2 2 20th Jan 2017 (2-4pm)


Spaces are limited so sign up now!
Please sign up by Dec 2nd, 2016.

We welcome students from all pillars. If interested, it is compulsory to participate on both days.