Term 5 EPD F1 Championship!

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Working in teams of 5, the Term 5 students were given 1 week to design, build, and tune a feedback control system to make a robotic car they built earlier in the term navigate a racetrack as fast as possible.

The project is a rapid intense design experience in developing combined hardware, software, and control.

This week the students have been working in the ARMS Lab on their designs and testing it out in the Campus Center.

The 3:00-5:00pm event on Friday will be head-to-head single-elimination races to crown the EPD 2D F1 Champions!

Faculty In-charge: Prof. Subburaj Karupppasamy, Prof. David Braun, Prof. Foong Shaohui, Prof. Roland Bouffanais, Prof. Pablo Valdivia

EPD course: 30.007 Engineering Design Innovation and 30.101 Systems & Control)