The need for accurate material parameters in modelling and analysis of active composite and sandwich panels has become a major concern in the aerospace and automotive industries. Traditional estimates based upon engineering tables provided by manufacturers are not always reliable for these applications, due to substantial variation among samples, dynamic ranges of interest and, more importantly, when different materials are combined as components in an active or passive composite material configuration, the effective values of material parameters are usually found to be quite different. In response to these difficulties, one can estimate some of these unknown parameters through non-destructive experiments by updating an analytical or numerical model of the structure.

Also, passive and active damping are important mechanisms for reducing noise and vibration and improving fatigue and impact resistance of composite sandwich structures in aerospace and automotive applications. Damping can be easily incorporated into laminated structures in the form of constrained layer damping treatments and piezoelectric active treatments. It is thus important to be able to determine the optimal number and size of active and passive control devices and their placement on the structures. Multiobjective optimization has been used in this context in order to maximize damping, while simultaneously minimizing weight and material cost.

Applications will be presented both on identification and optimization of these adaptive composite structures.


Aurelio Araujo has a graduation, a master and a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico in the University of Lisbon.
He is an assistant professor at Instituto Superior Técnico in the Structural and Computational Mechanics group, collaborating in programs in the Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering graduations and post-graduations.

His research interests are mainly in the identification of material parameters of composite laminated and sandwich structures, using inverse methods, modeling and optimal design of composites and smart structures and coupled structural acoustic problems.

He has published over 30 papers in international journals, participated in more than 80 international conferences, edited several books, including conference proceedings and international journal special editions. He has participated in national and international research projects and also co-chaired several international conferences.