Bruno Grossi (University of Chile) – Dinosaurs, Robots, and Biomimetics

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The talk focuses on the study of locomotion of theropod dinosaurs using chickens with artificial tails. This work received the IgNobel prize in biology 2015 and now is part of a new project that tries to establish locomotive characteristics of dinosaurs but this time using robots as a locomotor model. This last project has given rise to a mutualist relationship between biology and engineering closely related to “Biomimetics”.


Dr. Bruno Grossi obtained his Bachelor of Science with a degree in Biology and Doctor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Chile. His studies have focused on animal biomechanics and functional morphology. He is currently an academic and researcher in the Faculty of Engineering of University of Chile, where he is using artificial models to understand the principles of animal locomotion and the same time develop new technologies.