Dr. Kanad Ray (Amity University Rajasthan) – Fractal and Periodical Biological Antennas & Dielectric Resonators – Are the Hidden Topologies Clue to Intelligent Information Processing?

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Using freely available MRI data of structural components mapping of human brain from different universities (primarily Rajat Jain, 25; 38 years old lady from UK), we have built actual structural database of the human brain components; e.g. neural network connectome data, blood vessel map, ventricles, cavities for cerebral spinal fluid, hippocampus regions of mid brain etc. In previous studies we have argued that every single element in the brain behaves as dielectric resonator. Here we run rigorous dielectric resonance simulation to verify the hypothesis that scale free resonance does exist in the material architecture of the brain. From MRI derived structures we simulate the resonance frequencies, distribution of electric and magnetic field of the brain components in CST, detect the phase response behavior, specially phase transition and symmetry breaking as a function of resonance frequency. We find that electric and magnetic fields distribute inhomogeneously in the dielectric structure, not just in the neural branches, but also in the blood vessels and proteins like axon and microtubule bundles. The resonance frequencies show a characteristic topological pattern, specially, every single brain component is splitting electromagnetic field in such a way that at certain frequencies magnetic field dominates, at certain resonance frequency electric field dominates. This distinct behavior of splitting fields at all spatial and time scale was never reported before. We speculate that there may exist an unified geometric pattern hidden in the vibrational frequencies of the brain components hold important information for the brain’s information processing.


Dr. Kanad Ray is a Professor and Head of Physics at the Amity School of Applied Sciences Physics Amity University Rajasthan (AUR), Jaipur, India. He has obtained M.Sc & Ph.D. degrees in Physics from Calcutta University & Jadavpur University, West Bengal, India. In an academic career spanning over 22 years, he has published and presented research papers in several national and international journals and conferences in India and abroad. He has authored a book on the Electromagnetic Field Theory. Prof. Ray’s current research areas of interest include cognition, communication, electromagnetic field theory, antenna & wave propagation, microwave, computational biology, and applied physics. Presently he is guiding 8 Ph.D. scholars in various interdisciplinary fields. He has served as Editor of Springer Book Series. Presently he is an Associated Editor of Journal of Integrative Neuroscience published by IOS Press, Netherlands. He has travelled more than a dozen countries on different academic missions. He has established an MOU between his University and the University of Montreal, Canada for various joint research activities. He has also established collaboration with National Institute for Materials Science(NIMS), Japan for joint research activities and visits NIMS as a Visiting Scientist. He organizes international conference series such as SoCTA, ICOEVCI as General Chair. He is currently IEEE Executive Committee member of Rajasthan Subsection.