The Nature journals aim to publish some of the most exciting science for the community-but understanding the editorial processes can be challenging. Nature Communications is an open access journal that publishes important advances in biology, physics, chemistry, Earth sciences, and related areas. This talk aims to elucidate give authors the necessary tools to prepare their work for publication in a Nature journal. I will begin with a general introduction to Nature Communications, focusing on its position within the Nature Publishing Group. The journal’s editorial criteria including the role of the authors, reviewers and editors will be discussed in detail.


Lina started her editorial career in February 2015 at Nature Communications. She obtained her degree in experimental physics from Trinity College Dublin, where she remained to obtain her PhD in surface and interface optics. For her post-doctoral studies she joined Dublin Institute of Technology to develop a holographic label against counterfeiting. She then moved to the Optoelectronics Research Centre at the University of Southampton where she investigated the use of microstructured optical fibres for both lasing applications and nonlinear enhancement. In January 2017 Lina was promoted to Team Manager for the journal; managing a team which handles the quantum, atomic, molecular and optical content.