Noel Joyce (HAX) – Design for Acceleration, Lessons from Design Development at HAX

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Design for acceleration looks at the key elements of how to create new products from innovative technologies at pace. Focusing primarily on startups the methodologies and ideals take into account the constraints which startups encounter and experience during the development phases of their product. It looks to prior experience from running and being involved hardware startups to inform the design development of a product from initial idea to product in the customers hand. The aim is to inform the audience of some of the core design methodologies which have been developed at HAX as the program has grown from a small accelerator to the worlds most prolific hardware accelerator in the past five years.

Utilizing and applying elements of traditional design knowledge and combining them with contemporary thinking based on hardware startup industry Design for Acceleration looks at such subject matter as technology application, human factors, simplifying new technologies and decision making for iterative execution. The talk will feature real life case studies of the application of these elements.


Noel Joyce is the Head of Design at HAX the worlds first and most prolific hardware accelerator. He has been at HAX since its inception and has been involved in the design of hundreds of products. Having started and run startups himself he brings to bear a vast array of knowledge on the design development of getting a product to the customers hand in a design led startup and applies this knowledge to helping nearly 50 startups a year at HAX. Before his role at HAX Noel was in the Irish Military and after an accident cut his military career short and confined him to a wheelchair he went back to education to study Product Design after seeing the difficulties imposed on people with disabilities. He has lectured in Product Design, Industrial Design and Medical device Design in The University of Limerick and The National College of Art and Design in Ireland.