3rd Place Winner at 2023 TigerLaunch Singapore

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3rd Place Winner at 2023 TigerLaunch Singapore

Team SNAP Robotics, comprising SUTD Engineering Product Development (EPD) research assistants Saikrishna Dontu and Chooi An Rong Aaron, won the 3rd place at 2023 TigerLaunch Singapore. Saikrishna is also an SUTD Master of Engineering alumni (Class of 2021) while Aaron is a current EPD PhD student.

They presented the design and proposed business model for the Reconfigurable Workspace Soft Gripper. The Reconfigurable Workspace Soft Gripper is a soft pneumatic gripper that is able to handle thin, fragile, soft and granular objects, thus capable of working in high-mix packaging environments. (Read more about the research ‘A Multimodal, Reconfigurable Workspace Soft Gripper for Advanced Grasping Tasks’ by Snehal Jain, Saikrishna Dontu, Joanne Ee Mei Teoh and Assistant Prof Pablo Valdivia Y Alvarado.)

TigerLaunch is the world’s biggest student-run entrepreneurship pitching competition founded by Princeton Entrepreneurship Club. The 2023 TigerLaunch Singapore was held on 28 January 2023, as part of the second day programme of UNICON 2023, organised by NUS Entrepreneurship Society.

Original source from: https://sutd.edu.sg/About/Accolades/Faculty-Staff-Accolades/2023