MicroTAS 2021 @ Palm Springs

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MicroTAS 2021 @ Palm Springs

PhD student Terry Ching Tsz Him won the runner-up for the Springer Nature Best Oral award at MicroTAS 2021.

Held from 10-14 Oct 2021, the event saw presentations by researchers around the world. Terry and Research Fellow Nie Xiaolei presented their work at the conference, representing the Hashimoto group at SUTD. Associate Professor Michinao Hashimoto also presented at the conference, highlighting the work of Research Fellows Kento Yamagishi and Rahul Karyappa.

Out of 25 finalists selected from the oral presenters, Terry was selected as one of the three runners-up for his presentation on “Freestanding, Multilayered and Biomimetic Vasculature-on-a-chip model by 3D-Printed Porous Mold”. His research on the tissue engineering of blood vessels using 3D printing, paves the way for disease model for drug testing, possibly replacing the need for animal testing in the future.

This research was conducted in collaboration with National University of Singapore, and was co-supervised by Associate Professor Toh Yi-Chin at Queensland University of Technology.

Original source from: https://people.sutd.edu.sg/~hashimoto/microtas-2021-palm-springs/