Team SUTD @ Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC) 2019

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The Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC) is Singapore’s premier annual flying machine competition and it is an event which SUTD has participated continuously since 2013. This year we had 10 students representing SUTD in 3 categories: Category C3: First Person View Racing (Micro Class), Category D1: Semi-Autonomous and Category D2: Full Autonomous. They have spend the past few months designing, building and fine-tuning the aerial crafts (and supporting autonomous algorithms) as well as practicing the competition tasks and course. I am glad to share that the D1 team achieved an impressive 4th place in the Semi-Autonomous category and the D2 team was the only Category D (both D1 and D2 together) team to be awarded the Judges’ Commendation Award (Usually awarded for the best design!). I would also like to take this time to thank the EPD, IDC and TL@SUTD for their commitment and unwavering support for which this would not have been possible. The SUTD team comprises of:

  • Tan Kian Wee, Freshmore
  • Tan Jin Yuan, Freshmore
  • Tan Weiheng, Freshmore
  • Amos Sim Hong Kai, Freshmore
  • Glenn Chia Jin Wee, ISTD
  • Christopher Sim Seng Wee, EPD
  • Ryan Lim Jon Hui, EPD
  • Malcom Neo Guang Zhi, EPD
  • Kenneth Chow, EPD
  • Benjamin Chay, EPD