Team SUTD @ Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC) 2022

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Since 2013, SUTD has participated in the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC) which is Singapore’s premier annual flying machine competition organized by DSO National Laboratories and the Singapore Science Centre. This year’s SAFMC is particularly special as this year is also DSO National Laboratories’ 50th Anniversary and they have specially created a highly challenging swarming Category E which is open to all. The reason for this difficulty is that it requires participation of at least 10 drones (up to 25), meaning- operation of 1 or 2 drones is not sufficient for entry for this category. In addition, the drones would need to traverse an equally demanding obstacle course in the dark! Because of this ‘special’ edition, Team SUTD decided to focus by sending 2 teams to this category. And yet again, we are really proud to say that the team has again did exceptionally well in SAFMC 2022 and won the Category E Swarming Championship Award as well as the Category E Judge’s Commendation Award! We also had individual awards in the Category C3 FPV racing category where our SUTD pilots pitted their piloting skills against the best in Singapore!

Here’s a short video describing the Category E Swarming Challenge (Credits: MINDEF):

Below are the team pictures for the Category E Award winners!

Category C3: FPV Flight – Advance [Individual – Open to all schools]

  • Tan Jin Yuan (EPD, TL@SUTD) [6th place]
  • Tham Jit (CSD) [7th place]
  • Sean Yeo (EPD) [8th place]

Category E: Swarm – 10 to 25 Drones Swarming [Team – Open to Public]

  • TT Square [Champions]
    • Kristabel Lim (EPD)
    • Tham Jit (CSD)
    • Lee Iy Meng (EPD)
    • Sim Wang Lin (CSD)
    • Ho Soon Yee (Freshmore)
    • Muhammad Danial Bin Kamalrudin (Freshmore)
  • TooCrazyToFlie [Judge’s Commendation Award]
    • Ryan Lim (PhD)
    • Sean Yeo (EPD)
    • Kevin Ma (EPD)
    • Low Jia Hwee (EPD)
    • Chung Wah Kit (EPD)
    • Fong Yu Fan (EPD)
    • Tan Jin Yuan (EPD, TL@SUTD)
    • Tan Kian Wee (TL@SUTD, SUTD Alumni)
    • Liu Jingmin (TL@SUTD)
    • Ralph Toon (TL@SUTD)