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Chen Lujie

Assistant Professor

Telephone: +65 6303 6665
Research Areas:
Rapid Prototyping, Optical Metrology, Medical Imaging, Computer Vision


1997 – 2001 Nanjing, China Bachelor Mechatronics
2002 – 2005 NUS, Singapore PhD Optical metrology
2006 STI, Singapore Software engineer Machine vision
2007 VI, Singapore Software engineer Volume rendering
2007 – 2010 Cambridge, UK Post-doc Ultrasound
2011 MIT, USA Visiting scholar Quantum dots
2012 – present SUTD, Singapore Assistant professor Rapid prototyping


Coaxial projection profilometry based on speckle and fringe projection
Embodied prototyping exploration of a designfabrication framework for large-scale model manufacturing
Fresh Press Modeler A generative system for physically based low
Two-dimensional residual-space-maximized packing
Fiber optic projection-imaging system for shape measurement in confined space
Calibration of revolution axis for 360 deg surface measurement
Cathode spot movement on a continuous carbon fiber reinforced Cu matrix composite in vacuum
A new method for the acquisition of ultrasonic strain image volumes
Real-time quasi-static ultrasound elastography
A Hybrid Displacement Estimation Method for Ultrasonic Elasticity Imaging
A Normalization Method for Axial-Shear Strain Elastography
Initial clinical experience of an ultrasonic strain imaging system with novel noise-masking capability
A quality-guided displacement tracking algorithm for ultrasonic elasticity imaging
A study on carrier removal techniques in fringe projection profilometry
Carrier phase component removal a generalized least-squares approach
Phase retrieval with a three-frame phase-shifting algorithm with an unknown phase shift
Reply to Comment on Fringe projection profilometry with nonparallel illumination a least-squares approach
Fringe contrast-based 3D profilometry using fringe projection
Fringe projection profilometry with nonparallel illumination a least-squares approach
Fringe-density estimation by continuous wavelet transform
Measurement of focal length of lens using phase shifting Lau phase interferometry
Shape measurement by the use of digital image correlation
Shape measurement using one frame projected sawtooth fringe pattern
Phase extraction from electronic speckle patterns by statistical analysis
Surface profile measurement of low-frequency vibrating objects using temporal analysis of fringe pattern
Temporal wavelet analysis for deformation and velocity measurement in speckle interferometry
Spatial-fringe-modulation-based quality map for phase unwrapping