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Tan Jiak Kwang

Adjunct Professor

Research Areas:
Mechanical Engineering


Jiak Kwang has more than 30 years of work experience in the defense and aerospace sector. His past appointments include: Head Aerodynamic Branch in ALD-RSAF; Head of Aeronautics Laboratory in DSO and subsequently Head of Unmanned System Center; Chief Engineer in ST Aerospace; Director Fluid Dynamic Department in IHPC A*STAR; and currently General Manager for VTE in ST Aerospace. He is also gazetted as Inspector of aircraft accidents for Ministry of Transport. He is currently Senior Member of IES and Chartered Engineer in Aerospace Engineering.


  • PhD, Aeronautics, Purdue University (1992)
  • M.Eng, Mechanical Engineering, NUS (1986)
  • B. Eng (1st Class Hons), Mechanical Engineering, NUS (1983)

Research Interests

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Aerodynamics
  • Flight Mechanics
  • UAVs

Selected Publication

  • Kang, Chang-Wei; Tan, Jiak Kwang; Pan, Lunsheng; Low, Cheng Yee; Jaffar, Ahmed , “Numerical and experimental investigations of splat geometric characteristics during oblique impact of plasma spraying”, Applied Surface Science, Volume 257, Issue 24, p. 10363-10372.
  • Vinh-Tan Nguyen; Hoang Huy Nguyen; Matthew Antony Price; Jiak Kwang Tan,”Shock Capturing Schemes with local mesh adaptation for high spee compressible flows on three dimensional unstructured grid,” Computers and Fluids, Vol 70(2012) p.126-135
  • Tan Jiak Kwang, “A loosely Coupled Approach for Fluid Structure Interaction Simulation”, Presented at the International FSI Workshop, Apr 2011, Organized by IHPC and CIMNE.
  • Tan Jiak Kwang, “Towards Greener Building via Air Flow Simulations”, Presented at the Urban Sustainability R&D Congress, Jun 2011, Organized by Building Control Authority, Singapore.
  • Tan Jiak Kwang, “A Robust CFD Solver for Aerospace Application”, Presented at the Singapore Aerospace Technology and Engineering Conference, Feb 2012, Organized by Singapore Aerospace Engineers and RSAF.
  • Tan Jiak Kwang; Nguyen Vinh-Tan; Oubay Hassan, “Fluid Structure Interaction & its future application in Aircraft Gust Dynamics Loads”, presented at the Aerospace Technology Seminar – Mar 2013 Organized by RSAF.


  • MINDEF Defense Technology Award (Member of A4 Upgrade Team), 1988
  • MINDEF Defense Technology Award (Member of MPA Team), 1995