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Dario Poletti

Head of Cluster, Science, Mathematics and Technology, Associate Professor, and Programme Director for the SUTD Honours and Research Programme (SHARP)

Website: https://people.sutd.edu.sg/~dario_poletti/
Telephone: +65 6499 4518
Room Number: 3.401-04
Research Areas:
Quantum Physics, Optics, Photonics

Pillar / Cluster: Engineering Product Development, Science, Mathematics and Technology


I was born in the beautiful city of Como, Italy.

I grew up with three brothers, and while playing Basketball and Ultimate Frisbee I became an Engineer and a Theoretical Physicist. In 2008 I married my lovely wife and in 2011 we had our first child. I have lived in Italy, France, Singapore, Australia and Switzerland, and I have been blessed to meet a great number of fascinating people.

Two of my greatest passions are teaching and research. I had the chance to pursue them during my PhD and postdoc years at the National University of Singapore, the Australian National University, the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore, at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and at the University of Geneva.

I am inspired by the supervisors, teachers, colleagues and students with whom I had the good fortune to work.


Research Interests

I am interested in the physics of complex systems. The main reason is that the interplay of the different components of a system allows the emergence of fascinating phenomena such as solitonic waves, glass-like dynamics, negative differential thermal conductance and superconductivity (to name a few).

The possible applications are too many to mention, from telecommunication technology to microchips or material engineering … the limit is our imagination!

My focus is mainly on the study of the dynamics of complex quantum systems because (i) the quantumness of the systems makes them more interesting and richer in potentialities and (ii) it is now possible to realize and study them with a remarkable degree of control as a result of experiments with ultracold gases.

Awards and Achievements

  • Medal of the Material Research Society of Singapore for the best PhD thesis in Physics Department (2010)
  • President Graduate Scholarship, National University of Singapore (2007)
  • President Graduate Scholarship, National University of Singapore (2006)
  • Fondazione Famiglia Legnanese Fellowship (2001)
  • Lions Club Como scholarship (1999)


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Group Website
Contact hours: Wed 11-12 am
Office: 2nd floor, West Wing
Research Keywords
  • Complex classical and quantum systems
  • Ultracold atoms
  • Out-of-equilibrium physics
  • Chaos
  • Solitons
Research Opportunities

If you like my research interests and you are keen in embarking on a fun ride with a bit of mathematicsphysics, some numerics and an eye to engineering applications please e-mail me for information concerning Master, PhD and Postdoc openings.

Quote of The Month

My own suspicion is that the universe is not only stranger than we suppose, but stranger than we can suppose. (John Haldane)