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Hong Yee Low

Professor and Head of Pillar, Engineering Product Development (EPD), Co-Advisor of Dyson SUTD Innovation Studio, Deputy Director, Centre for Healthcare Education, Entrepreneurship and Research @ SUTD

Telephone: +65 6499 4612
Research Areas:
Material Science

Pillar / Cluster: Engineering Product Development


Hong Yee joined SUTD in 2013. Prior to SUTD, she spent about 13 years at the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). Her research interest is primarily in polymer science and engineering. She has co-authored >100 peer reviewed publications and is a co-inventor in 25 granted patents in the topic biomimetic nanoimprinting. In 2010, under the funding support from A*STAR, she led an industrial consortium on nanoimprinting consisting of 4 members from institutes of higher learning and 15 international industrial members. She had also served as a founding group head for the Patterning and Fabrication Capability Group between 2007-2010 and the Director for Research and Innovation between 2010-2012 at IMRE. Since joining SUTD her research activities have expanded to include high resolution 3-D fabrication, active and transformative micro, nano-surfaces and machine learning design of micro-, nano-surfaces and carbon capture films.

Research keywords nanoimprinting (precision engineering), polymer physics, functional surface engineering, material science.

Selective Recent Publications

  1. H.C. Wong, Q. Wang, E. M. Speller, Z. Li, J. T Cabral, H. Y. Low, ”Photoswitchable solubility of fullerene-doped polymer thin films”, ACS Nano,14(9), 11352-11362 2020
  2. J. C. Chuang, H. Y. Low, “Multi-materials fused filament printing with embedded highly conductive suspended structures for compressive sensing”, Additive Manufacturing 26, 101551, 2020
  3. W. L. Lee, D. Wang, Q. Ge and H. Y. Low, “Injection Molding of Superhydrophobic Sub-micrometer Surface Topography on Macroscopically Curved Objects: Experimental and Simulation Studies”, ACS Applied Polymer Materials, 2019,161547-1558
  4. A. G. Dharmawan, P. Xavier, H. Hariri, G. S. Soh, A. Baji, R.B ouffanais, S. Foong and H. Y. Low and K. L. Wood, “Design, modeling and experimentation of a bio-inspired climbing robots with bilayer dry adhesives”, J. Mechanism Robotics. 2019,11, 020902-020912.
  5. H. C. Wong, G. Grenci, J. Wu, V. Viasnoff, H. Y. Low, ”Roll-to-roll Fabrication of Residual-layer-free Micro/Nanoscale Membranes with Precise Pore Architecture and Tunable Surface Textures”, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2018, 57, 13759-13768
  6. H. K. Raut, A. Baji, H. H. Hariri, H. Parveen, G. S. Soh, H. Y, Low and K. L. Wood, “Gecko-inspired dry adhesive based on micro-nanoscale hierarchical arrays for application in climbing devices”, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces., 2018, 10, 1288-1296.
  7. J. C. Tan and H. Y. Low, “Embedded Electrical Tracks in 3D Printed Objects by Fused Filament Fabrication of High Conductive Composite,” Additive Manufacturing, 2018, 23, 294-302
  8. J.Y. Quek, C.L. Magee, H.Y. Low, “Physical Texturing for Superhydrophobic Surfaces: A Design Perspective”, Langmuir, 2017, 33, 6902-6915
  9. J. J.; Dumond, H. Y. Low, H. P. Lee, J. Y. H. Fuh, “Multi-functional silicone stamps for reactive release agent transfer in UV roll-to-roll nanoimprinting”, Materials Horizons 2016, 3 (2), 152-160
  10. M. F. A. Cutiongco, S. H. Goh, R. Aid-Launais, C. Le Visage, H. Y. Low, E. K. F. Yim, “Planar and tubular patterning of micro and nano-topographies on poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogel for improved endothelial cell responses”, Biomaterials 2016, 84, 184-195

Selective Granted Patents

  1. “Construct For Promoting Absorption Of Molecules By A Cell And Methods Of Using The Construct (Nanotopographical Modulation of Endocytosis for Drug and Gene Delivery)”, E.K.F.Yim, H.Y.Low, T.S.Kustandi, K.K.Teo, S.H.Goh,
    US 9,815,921 B2 (2017)
  2. “Adhesive Structure with Stiff Protrusion on Adhesive Surface”
    S. Natarajan, J. Hammer, K. Cooper, M. Vyakarnam, H.Y. Low, I. Rodriguez, C.T. Lim and A.Y.Y. Ho
    US No 9,211,176 (2015)
  3. “Super-Hydrophobic Hierarchical Structures, Methods of Forming Them and Medical Devices Incorporating Them”
    A.Y.Y. Ho, I. Rodriguez, H. Y. Low, E. K Luong Van, S. Natarajan, N. Elmouelhi, K. Cooper, C.T.,
    US No 8,926,881 (2015)
  4. ‘Method of Manufacturing an Organic Electronic or Optoelectronic Device”
    H. Y. Low, K. Chong, J. Dumond, K. Yamamoto and S. Amamiya,
    JP No 5677088 (2015), Korea 10-1497936 (2015); Chinese ZL 200780100449.3 (2013), Taiwanese No I1511862 (2015)
  5. “Blood Clotting Substrate and Medical Devices”
    E. K Luong Van, I. Rodriguez, H.Y. Low, A. Y.Y. Ho, K. Cooper, S. Natarajan, N. Elmouelhi, M. Vyakarnam,
    US No 8969648 B2 (2015)
  6. “Optical Grating”
    B. S. Tan, F. C F Chan, Y. Xu, J. Law, Y. C. Loke, H. Y. Low
    US No 20,150,241,613 (2015); ZL201380052724.4
    (Licensed to Nanovue (S) Pte.Ltd)
  7. “A Polymeric Film Surface”
    K.S.L. Chong, Y.Y. Lee, S.H. Goh, K.B.C. Khaw, R. Chaw, H, Y. Low, A. Yeo, W.K. Weng, H.L. Loh,
    SG No11201407681Y (2015); US 9,955,687 B2 (2018)
  8. “Imprinting of Supported and Free-Standing 3-D Micro- or Nano-Structures” Y.P. Kong, H.Y. Low, S.W. Pang and A.F. Yee
    SG No 127401 (2009), JP No 4630898 (2010), US 8,025,831B2 (2011)
  9. “Novel Nanoimprinted Modular Support (NIMS) for Solid Phase Organic Synthesis,”
    H.Y. Low, S. Sarang, K. Darmono, Y.P. Kong
    SG No 130257 (2009), US No 7,776,250 (2010), JP No 4794562 (2011), US 7,615,179, B2 (2009)
  10. “Hierarchical Nanopatterns by Nanoimprint Lithography”
    F.X. Zhang and H.Y. Low
    SG No 141931 (2009), Taiwan I321266 (2010), US No. 8,636,937 (2014)

Selective Awards

  • Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) Talent Development Award, Singapore, 2011
  • L’Oreal for Women in Science National Fellowship, Singapore, 2010
  • Finalist, Young Scientist Award, National Science and Technology Board, Singapore, 2004
  • Sherwin William Student award, Division of polymeric materials science and engineering, American Chemical Society (ACS), 1996
  • Samuel Maron Research award for excellence in undergraduate research, 1993.