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Jianxi Luo

Associate Professor

Website: http://ddi.sutd.edu.sg
Research Areas:
Infocomm Applications, Design Science, Mechanical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous vehicles, Big Data, Bio-inspired Design, Blockchain, Complexity Science, Data Science, Deep Learning, Design Theory and Methodology, Digital Economy, Digitalisation, Distributed ledger technologies, Engineering Design, Human-Machine Interfaces, Ideation, Machine Learning, Socio-Behavioural Science, Urban Mobility, Sustainable Design, Design Science and Engineering, System Science and Engineering, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Computation, Economics and Public Policy

Pillar / Cluster: Design and Artificial Intelligence, Engineering Product Development

Jianxi Luo is a tenured Associate Professor with SUTD, Director of Data-Driven Innovation Lab. and former Director of SUTD Technology Entrepreneurship Programme. Prof. Luo holds a PhD in Engineering Systems (Technology Management and Policy track) and S.M. degree in Technology Policy from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and M.S. in Automotive and B.E. in Thermal Engineering from Tsinghua University. He had been a faculty member at New York University (2011-2012), visiting scholar at Columbia University (2011-2012) and University of Cambridge (2005). He was Chair of INFORMS Technology Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship Section (2015-2016). He is currently Associate Editor of Design Science, Associate Editor of Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing – AI EDAM, Department Editor of IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Guest Editor of Technovation, and editorial board member of Research in Engineering Design.

Professor Luo is ranked among World’s Top 2% Scientists by Stanford University and Elsevier BV. His research fuses design science, system science and artificial intelligence to push the frontiers of data-driven design and creative artificial intelligence, for more informed, inspired and creative decisions in engineering design, innovation management and technology policy. His work on data-driven design expert systems has been adopted by many industrial companies around the world. He has  (co-)authored >130 articles and given >90 invited talks at >50 universities, companies and government agencies around the world. His research received over a dozen awards from Design Society, ASME Design Engineering Division, INFORMS, Complex System Society among others. He received SUTD “Excellence in Research” Award in 2018.


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Ph.D. (Engineering Systems); S.M. (Technology Policy)
  • Tsinghua University
    • M.S. (Mobility & Vehicle Engineering); B.E. (Energy & Power Engineering)

Editorial Boards

  • Associate Editor, Design Science
  • Associate Editor, Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing – AI EDAM
  • Department Editor, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
    • Covering Design & Emerging Technologies departments
  • Guest Editor, Technovation
    • Editing a special issue on managing data-driven innovation and data-based innovation
  • Editorial Board Member, Research in Engineering Design

Research Interests

Awards & Honors

  • Silver Medal, Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, 2022
  • Top 2% Scientists Globally by Standardized Citation Impact, Stanford University & Elsevier B.V., 2021
  • “Reviewers’ Favourite Paper” Award, 23rd International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED), Gothenburg, Sweden, 2021
  • Editors’ Choice Paper Award, ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, 2020
  • Best Paper Award, International Design Engineering Technical Conferences / Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (IDETC/CIE), Anaheim, California, 2019
  • Innovative Applications in Analytics Award Finalist, Sponsored by Caterpillar, INFORMS Business Analytics Conference, Austin, Texas, 2019
  • Best Paper Award Nomination, Hawaii International Conference on System Science (HICSS), Maui, Hawaii, 2019
  • Excellence in Research Award, Singapore University of Technology & Design, 2018
  • SG Good Design Mark, Singapore Design Business Chamber, 2017
  • Richard R. Nelson Prize Finalist, 2016
  • Best Paper Award, Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Sydney, Australia, 2016
  • Best Poster Award, International Conference on Complex Systems, Phoenix, Arizona, 2015
  • “Reviewers’ Favourite Paper” Award, 20th International Conference on Engineering Design, Milan, Italy, 2015
  • “Reviewers’ Favourite Paper” Award, 19th International Conference on Engineering Design, Seoul, Korea, 2013
  • “Editor’s Choice”, Industrial and Corporate Change, 2012
  • Best Dissertation Award (Runner-Up), INFORMS Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Section, 2011
  • Best Paper Award (2nd Place), Annual Conference of Chinese Scholars Association in Management Science & Engineering, 2010
  • Alfred A.H. Keil Fellowship for Wiser Uses of Science and Technology, 2004
  • China International Marine Containers (Group) Scholarship, 2003
  • Mercedes-Benz Scholarship, 2002

Recent Invited Talks

  • Autodesk Research, Global, June, 2022
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), United States, November, 2021
  • International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM), September, 2021
  • 1st International Symposium on Intelligence Design, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, March, 2021. Keynote
  • Enterprise Singapore Venture Building Program, January, 2021
  • IEEE InTech Forum, IEEE Computer Society, December, 2020
  • 13th International Workshop on Design Theory, Paris, January, 2020. Keynote
  • A*STAR Artificial Intelligence Program, January, 2020
  • Institute for New Economic Thinking, August, 2019
  • Centre for Brain-Inspired Computing Research, Tsinghua University, July, 2020
  • 17th Annual International CAD Conference, June, 2019. Keynote
  • Mengshi Autonomous Vehicle Resarch Lab, Tsinghua University, May, 2019
  • Ideation Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, April, 2019
  • State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy, Tsinghua University, June, 2018
  • DSTA Innovation Day, October, 2017. Keynote
  • Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Zhejiang University, June, 2017

Recent Publications

Intelligent Amphibious Ground-Aerial Vehicles: State of the Art Technology for Future Transportation
Zhang, Xinyu; Huang, Jiangeng; Huang, Yuanhao; Huang, Kangyao; Yang, Lei; Han, Yan; Wang, Li; Liu, Huaping; Luo, Jianxi; Li, Jun
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles. Published Online, 2022

Data-Driven Innovation: What Is It
Jianxi Luo
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. Published Online, 2022

Deep Learning for Technical Document Classification
Shuo Jiang, Jie Hu, Christopher Magee, Jianxi Luo
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. Published Online, 2022

Natural Language Processing in-and-for Design Research
Siddharth Lakshmi, Lucienne Blessing, Jianxi Luo
Design Science, 8, e21, 2022

Patent Data for Engineering Design: A Critical Review and Future Directions
Shuo Jiang, Serhad Sarica, Binyang Song, Jie Hu, Jianxi Luo
Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering. Published Online. Preprint

Generative Pre-Trained Transformer for Design Concept Generation: An Exploration
Qihao Zhu, Jianxi Luo
17th International DESIGN Conference, Cavtat, Croatia, May 23-26, 2022

Generative Pre-Trained Transformer for Biologically Inspired Design
Qihao Zhu, Jianxi Luo
34th ASME IDETC-CIE International Conference on Design Theory & Methodology, August 14-17, 2022

Generative Design Ideation: A Natural Language Generation Approach
Qihao Zhu, Jianxi Luo
10th Conference on Design Computing and Cognition (DCC), Glasgow, UK, July 4-6, 2022

Innovation in Design Processes (Editorial)
Claudia Eckert, Jianxi Luo
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 69(4), 1532-1536, 2022. Open Access

Crowdfunding for Design Innovation: Prediction Model with Critical Factors
Chaoyang Song, Jianxi Luo, Katja Hölttä-Otto, Warren Seering, Kevin Otto
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 69(4), 1565-1576. Preprint

Engineering Knowledge Graph from Patent Database
L. Siddharth, Lucienne T. M. Blessing, Kristin L. Wood, Jianxi Luo
Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering, 22(2): 021008, 2022. Preprint

Data-Driven Design-by-Analogy: State of the Art and Future Directions
Shuo Jiang, Jie Hu, Kristin Wood, Jianxi Luo
Journal of Mechanical Design, 144(2): 020802, 2022 (Special Issue: AI and Engineering Design)

Semantic Networks for Engineering Design: State of the Art and Future Directions
Ji Han, Serhad Sarica, Feng Shi, Jianxi Luo
Journal of Mechanical Design
, 144(2): 020801, 2022 (SI: AI and Engineering Design)

Guiding Data-Driven Design Ideation by Knowledge Distance
Jianxi Luo, Serhad Sarica, Kristin Wood
Knowledge-Based Systems, 218, 106873, 2021

Idea Generation with Technology Semantic Network
Serhad Sarica, Binyang Song, Jianxi Luo, Kristin Wood
Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing, 35(3), 265-283, 2021. Preprint

Deriving Design Feature Vectors for Patent Images with Convolutional Neural Network
Shuo Jiang, Jie Hu, Jianxi Luo, Christopher L Magee
Journal of Mechanical Design, 143(6), 061405, 2021

TechNet: Technology Semantic Network
Serhad Sarica, Jianxi Luo, Kristin Wood
Expert Systems with Applications, 142, 112995, 2020

Data-Driven Intelligence on Innovation and Competition
Serhad Sarica, Bowen Yan, Jianxi Luo
Information Systems Management, 37(3), 198-212, 2020. Get a Copy

Machine Learning Based Design Concept Evaluation
Bradley Camburn , Yuejun He , Sujithra Raviselvam , Jianxi Luo, Kristin Wood
Journal of Mechanical Design, 142(3), 031113, 2020

Mining and Representing the Concept Space of Existing Ideas for Directed Ideation
He, Y., Camburn, B., Liu, H.W. Luo, J., Yang, M., Wood, K.L.
Journal of Mechanical Design, 141, 121101, 2019 (SI: Machine Learning for Engineering Design).

Overlay Technology Space Map for Analyzing Design Knowledge Base of a Technology Domain: The Case of Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Binyang Song, Giorgio Triulzi, Bowen Yan, Jeffrey Alstott, Jianxi Luo
Research in Engineering Design, 30(3), 405–423, 2019.

The Hierarchy-Niche Model for Supply Networks
Jianxi Luo, Daniel Whitney
Production and Operations Management, 28(3), 668–681, 2019.

Multicores-Periphery Structure in Networks
Bowen Yan, Jianxi Luo
Network Science, 7(1), 70-87,2019. Preprint

Understanding the Lifestyle of Older Population in Singapore: Mobile Crowdsensing Approach
H. Marakkalage, P. L. Lau, S. Sarica, S. K. Viswanath, T. Balasubramaniam, B. Yuen, J. Luo, R. Nayak, C. Yuen
IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems, 6(1), 82-95, 2019. Get a Copy

An Infinite Regress Model of Design Change Propagation in Complex Systems
Serhad Sarica, Jianxi Luo
IEEE Systems Journal, 13(4), 3610-3618, 2019. Get a Copy

Design Opportunity Conception Using Technology Space Map
Jianxi Luo, Binyang Song, Lucienne Blessing, Kristin Wood
Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing, 32(4), 449-461, 2018 (SI: Design Creativity)

Architecture and Evolvability of Innovation Ecosystems
Jianxi Luo
Technology Forecasting and Social Change, 136, 132-144, 2018

Cyclic Dependence, Vertical Integration, and Innovation: The Case of Japanese Electronics Sector in the 1990s
Jianxi Luo, Giorgio Triulzi
Technology Forecasting and Social Change, 132, 46-55, 2018

Data-Driven Platform Design: Patent Data and Function Network Analysis
Binyang Song, Jianxi Luo, Kristin Wood
Journal of Mechanical Design, 141(2), 021101, 2018

Does Analogical Distance Affect Performance of Ideation
Srinivasan V., Binyang Song, Jianxi Luo, K. Subburaj, Mohan Rajesh Elara, Lucienne Blessing, Kristin Wood
Journal of Mechanical Design, 140(7): 071101, 2018

The Characteristics of Innovative Mechanical Products – 10 Years Later
Katja Hölttä-Otto, Kevin Otto, Chaoyang Song, Jianxi Luo, Timothy Li, Carolyn Seepersad, Warren Seering
Journal of Mechanical Design, 140(8): 084501, 2018

Patent Stimuli Search and its Influence on Ideation Outcomes
Binyang Song, Srinivasan Venkataraman, Jianxi Luo
Design Science, 3, e25, 2017. (Special Collection: Network-based Modeling and Analysis in Design)

The Novelty “Sweet Spot” of Invention
Yuejun He, Jianxi Luo
Design Science, 3, e21, 2017

Inventors’ Explorations Across Technology Domains
Jeffrey Alstott, Giorgio Triulzi, Bowen Yan, Jianxi Luo
Design Science, 3, e20, 2017

InnoGPS for Data-Driven Exploration of Design Opportunities and Directions: The Case of Google Driverless Car Project
Jianxi Luo, Bowen Yan, Kristin Wood
Journal of Mechanical Design, 139(11), 111416, 2017 (Special Issue: Data-Driven Design)

Mining Patent Precedents for Data-driven Design: the Case of Spherical Rolling Robot
Binyang Song, Jianxi Luo
Journal of Mechanical Design, 139(11), 111420, 2017 (Special Issue: Data-Driven Design)

The Growing Complexity in Invention Process
Jianxi Luo, Kristin Wood
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Measuring Technological Distance for Patent Mapping
Bowen Yan, Jianxi Luo
Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 68(2), 423–437, 2017. Preprint

Mapping Technology Space by Normalizing Technology Relatedness Networks
Jeffrey Alstott, Giorgio Triulzi, Bowen Yan, Jianxi Luo
Scientometrics, 110(1), 443-479, 2017. Preprint

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