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Yang Hui Ying


Website: https://people.sutd.edu.sg/~yanghuiying
Telephone: +65 6303 6663
Research Areas:
Material Science, Additive Manufacturing, Energy and Chemicals, Water

Pillar / Cluster: Engineering Product Development

Professional Experience

  • Aug. 2016 – Present: Associate Professor, Singapore University of Technology and Design.
  • Oct. 2010 – Jul. 2016: Assistant Professor, Singapore University of Technology and Design.
  • Jan. 2011- Dec. 2011: Visiting Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
  • Aug. 2008 – Sep. 2010: Lee Kuan Yew Fellow, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
  • Aug. 2006 – Aug. 2008: Singapore Millennium Foundation (SMF) Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Research Interests

Dr. YANG’s research is driven by the design and fabrication of low dimensional nanomaterials. She pushes forward the boundaries of knowledge in a wide variety of fundamental materials and structure-property relationships. Her team pioneered in chemical doping, work function engineering and defect states analysis in one dimensional and two dimensional nanomaterials for a variety of applications in high efficient optoelectronics devices, electrochemical energy storage and water purification to generate economic benefits for Singapore.

Research Projects

  • H. Y. Yang, Principal Investigator (2019-2022), MOE Tier 2 grant,  On going.
  • H. Y. Yang, Principal Investigator (2016 to 2019), NRF-CEENEMA, S$295,200.00, – ongoing.
  • H. Y. Yang, Principal Investigator (2016 to 2018),  ST Dynamics, S$300,000.00, – completed.
  • H. Y. Yang, Principal Investigator (2015 to 2018), MOE Tier 2 grant – ongoing.
  • H. Y. Yang, Principal Investigator (2015 to 2017), AFOSR grant, Asian Office of Aerospace Research & Development (AOARD),  – completed.
  • H. Y. Yang, Principal Investigator (2015 to 2016), Renew Group industrial fund, – completed.
  • H. Y. Yang, Principal Investigator (2014-2017), EWI NRF1301-IRIS-17, – completed.
  • H. Y. Yang, Principal Investigator (2013-2014)NRF Proof of Concept Grant,  – completed.
  • H. Y. Yang, Principal Investigator (2012-2014)SMART Innovation Grant, S$250,000, – completed.

Selected Awards & Achievements

  • Nov. 2018 IUMRS – MRS Singapore Young Researcher Award 2018 Finalist.
  • Mar. 2018 IPS Nanotechnology Medal (Outstanding Nanotechnology Physics Research), Institute of Physics Singapore.
  • Feb. 2016 SUTD Long Service Award, Singapore University of Technology and Design.
  • Feb. 2015 SUTD Research Excellence Award, Singapore University of Technology and Design.
  • Oct. 2014 Nanonica Prize 2014, Nanonica Europe S.L., Europe.
  • June 2014 Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME),   USA.
  • Oct. 2013 MCCC-AAET Green Award, Singapore Winner and Grand Winner, Asean Academy of Enginnering & Technology, Malaysia
  • Sep. 2013 IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awards, Institute of Engineers Singapore.
  • May 2013   Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors Award, Tan Kah Kee Foundation, the Agency for  Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) and the DSO National Laboratories, and Science Centre Singapore.
  • Apr. 2013   First Prize in MRS Science-as-Art Competition, Material Research Society Spring Meeting, San Francisco, California.
  • Jan. 2011 Finalist National Research Foundation Fellowship, National Research Foundation, Singapore.
  • Jan. 2011 Finalist in Young Outstanding Singaporeans (YOS) Awards, Orchid Jayceettes of Singapore.
  •  Aug. 2010 L’Oréal Singapore For Women in Science National Fellowships, L’Oréal Singapore, Singapore National Commission for UNESCO, and Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

Selected Key Publications

  • ‘Efficient Sodium Storage in Rolled-up Amorphous Si Nanomembranes’, S. Huang, L. Liu, Y. Zheng, Y. Wang, D. Kong, Y. Zhang, Y. Shi, L. Zhang, O. G. Schmidt, H. Y. Yang*Adv. Mater., 201706637, (2018).
  • ‘Dual-ions Electrochemical Deionization: A desalination generator’, F. Chen, Y. Huang, L. Guo, L. Sun, Y. Wang, H. Y. Yang*Energy & Environmental Science, 10, 2043, (2017).  (Back Cover)
  • ‘Green Fabrication of Silkworm Cocoon-Like Silicon-Based Composite for High-Performance Li-Ion Batteries’, F. H. Du, Y. Z. Ni, D. Wang, Q. Ge, S. Chen, and H. Y. Yang*ACS nano, 11, 8628, (2017).
  • ‘3D nitrogen-doped graphene foam with encapsulated germanium quantum dot@nitrogen-doped graphene yolk-shell nanoarchitecture as a ultra-high rate and cycle-stable anode for flexible lithium ion batteries’, R. W. Mo, D. Rooney, K. N. Sun and H. Y. Yang*Nature Communication,13949, (2017).
  • ‘Carbon nanotube membranes with ultrahigh specific adsorption capacity for water desalination and purification’, H. Y. Yang*, Z. J. Han, S. F. Yu, K. L. Pey, K. Ostrikov, R. Karnik, Nature Communications, 4, 2220 (2013). (This paper has been selected by The Latest Science (www.thelatestscience.com) as the paper of the month.)