New Insights into 3D Printing of Spacers and Membranes

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SUTDChee Kai Chua
NTU – Jing Wee Koo, Jia Shin Ho, Jia An, Yi Zhang and Tzyy Haur Chong

To also address the controversies on the feasibility of 3D printing for membranes, researchers from SUTD and NTU have coined a new term ‘hybrid additive manufacturing’ for the water treatment industry.

Figure: Overview of the relationship between 3D printing and membrane-based water treatment industry.

3D printing has seen great advancements in various aspects over the past few decades, and many industries have seen innovative breakthroughs in their respective fields. Amongst them, the water treatment industry has also reaped benefits off the prospects of 3D printing. High performance spacers and membranes can be fabricated by 3D printing, and they help increase permeate production while minimising energy consumption in purification processes.

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