SUTD Research Team Extends 4D Printing to Nanophotonics

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SUTD – Wang Zhang, Hao Wang, Hongtao Wang, John You En Chan, Hailong Liu, Komal Agarwal, Yuan-Fang Zhang, Anupama Sargur Ranganath, Hong Yee Low and Joel K. W. Yang
NWPU – Biao Zhang
NUAA – Xiaolong Yang
SUSTech – Qi Ge

The newly developed shape memory polymer resist which allows for high-resolution 4D printing, promises a platform for information hiding for optical anti-counterfeiting and tunable photonic devices.

(a) Different colours as printed, compressed and recovered respectively, observed by the objective lens. (b) Tilted (30° tilt angle) and top view of SEM images before and after programming and after recovery.

The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and its research collaborators have successfully demonstrated the four-dimensional (4D) printing of shape memory polymers in submicron dimensions which are comparable to the wavelength of visible light. This novel development has allowed researchers to now explore new applications in the field of nanophotonics.

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