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The IDC intends to become the world’s premier scholarly hub for technologically intensive design. The IDC is built upon the development of the following foundations:

  • Innovations for societal needs
  • Intellectual merit
  • Leaders for an innovation-based economy

The Temasek Laboratories is a centre for excellence in defence-related research. It specialises in systems design and integration – such as unmanned systems, information systems, soldier systems and engineering systems.

The LKY CIC is established to stimulate thinking and research on the critical issues of cities and urbanisation and to provide breakthrough urban solutions. It is one of the first university centres to focus on the integrated use of technology and design to derive solutions for urban planning and urban design, development and management. The Centre will study the confluence of governance, social management frameworks, and technology and design innovations.

The iTRUST is a centre for interdisciplinary research in trustworthy infocomm systems. It conducts fundamental and applied research in the broad areas of information and system security, including large and complex cyber physical systems.

The SUTD Digital Manufacturing and Design and (DManD) Centre has been established to carry out cutting-edge research that will create the frontiers of digital design and manufacturing by bringing together new ideas and multidisciplinary fields to develop new technologies, catalyze new products, create entire industries centered in Singapore based on digital design and manufacturing, and provide the human capital that will help establish Singapore as a world leader in high-value-added digital manufacturing.

Opportunity Lab is an interdisciplinary lab which, through dialogue, description and design, seeks to understand and enhance the design role that people play in social change.