Research Highlights

Managing Water in a Warming Planet

From desalination batteries and low-energy treatment technologies to adaptive water and power supply systems, researchers from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) are coupling water and energy issues to develop sustainable water management strategies.

Unique Method to Fabricate Freeform Structures of Thermoplastics in Microparticulate Gels

SUTD researchers have developed a unique 3D printing approach of fabricating freeform structures of thermoplastics in embedding media - microparticulate gels capable of supporting the printed inks in 3D space - based on in situ immersion precipitation of polymer inks. The capability to fabricate freeform and overhang structures such as springs and coils, may find applications in rapid prototyping of actuators and antennas.

Light Confinement in a 3D Space

SUTD researchers develop technology which allows for photonic integrated circuits to unlock their potential as high resolution 3D photonic structures in ultra-high speed communications.