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Ryu Seongwoo

SUTD-MIT Postdoc Fellow


Pillar / Cluster: Engineering Product Development

MIT Advisors: Sang Gook Kim
SUTD Advisor:  Zhao Rong

Research Areas

He has developed deep interest in engineering carbon-related materials such as carbon nanotube (CNT), graphenes and conductive polymers, and in particular, researching industrial applications of the materials by mimicking nature-inspired method. Also, looking into physiocochemical similarities between CMGs and proteins, he discovered that heterogeneous CMG mixtures could be purified through an effective, scalable and in-series purification process. He have developed exceptional skills in fabricating nanocomposite materials using metal nanoparticles by molecular level mixing process, synthesizing CNT and related carbon materials by chemical vapor deposition process and functionalizing nanomaterials. He also applied properties of nanocarbon materials in large scale applications, such as ultra-light, high strength structural platform; multi-functional Li based battery electrode; supercapacitor; flexible transparent conductive film; and EMI shielding.