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ARMS is a dedicated, flexible and hands-on space for students to interact and explore the interwoven realms of intelligent Automation, Robotics, and Mechatronics (ARM) in architectural and engineering environments.

ARMS Lab is used for education, school competition, student clubs and student projects as well. The students experiment with the interactions of computation, instrumentation, electronics, and electromechanical systems.  The philosophy here is that these topics are best taught in a hands-on fashion. The laboratory is also well stocked with equipment, parts and materials for electrical design and testing. ARMS will play a crucial role in the ideation, design, prototyping and testing process and will be complementary to facilities and equipment of Fabrication and Electronics Lab at SUTD.

Location & Capacity


Dr. Foong Shaohui,
Main person in charge of ARMS
Ms Chu Wenjing,
Tan Jy Dar Eric,
Senior Lab Technologist
Hilmi Bin Mohamed Yusoff,
Laboratory Technologist



ARMS SIX is used to support 2D, 3D, TAE and capstone project development and is available 24 hours a day, 7 hours a week. It also provides a space for students preparing for national and international competitions as well as nurturing entrepreneurship spirit.

Virtual Tour

ARMS I (2.313A)

ARMS II (2.313B)

ARMS III (2.314)