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The Dyson-SUTD Innovation Studio represents a commitment that marks the largest ever donation to a Singapore education institution by the James Dyson Foundation – Dyson’s global charitable foundation. This donation is part of the James Dyson Foundation’s charitable contribution dedicated to advancing Singapore’s engineering education. It stands as the inaugural facility in Singapore engineered to inspire community interest in design engineering education. The studio will serve as a space where SUTD students, guided by Dyson engineers, will develop hardware and software-driven solutions to address global challenges.

Location & Capacity


Dr. Foong Shaohui,
Co-director, Dyson-SUTD Innovation Studios
Ms Chu Wenjing,
Senior Manager
Tan Jy Dar Eric,
Senior Specialist
Hilmi Bin Mohamed Yusoff,
Senior Technologist

DSIS 1, 2 & 3


ARMS SIX is used to support 2D, 3D, TAE and capstone project development and is available 24 hours a day, 7 hours a week. It also provides a space for students preparing for national and international competitions as well as nurturing entrepreneurship spirit.

Virtual Tour

DSIS 1 (2.313A) & DSIS 2 (2.313B)

DSIS 3 (2.314)