30.201 Wireless Communications and Internet of Things

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* This course is not offered in 2018.

This course is an introduction to the design and analysis of wireless communications systems and internet-of-things. Students will understand the basic fundamental challenges, and study state-of-the-art technologies, in terms of internet-of-things system architecture, signaling protocol, and wireless communications techniques.  Students will build a working cloud-connected wireless internet-of-things smart systems in a group-based lab and project.


Course Lead/Main Instructor


Students will have a good understanding on the challenges in wireless communications and internet-of-things system, and learn the knowledge and skill to design and build a working prototype.

Learning Objectives

  • Define challenges of wireless communications.
  • Analyze the information theoretical aspects of communication system.
  • Compare radio modulation techniques.
  • Construct source and channel coding.
  • Apply basic spread spectrum techniques and orthogonal frequency division modulation techniques.
  • Describe the modern cellular system standards and future technologies.
  • Describe multiple-antenna systems such as multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO).
  • Understand system architecture for internet-of-things.
  • Study the communication protocol for internet-of-things.
  • Describe challenges in designing internet-of-things.

Measurable Outcomes

  • Describe functions of each wireless communications components.
  • Modulate and demodulate wireless signal.
  • Encode and decode information to be transmitted.
  • Design wireless communications system using spread spectrum or orthogonal frequency division modulation techniques.
  • Implement wireless transmitter and receiver using software defined radio.
  • Describe the components of an internet-of-things system.
  • Implement a smart automation system through cloud-connected internet-of-things.


Cohort based learning, homework, exam, lab, and project.

Text & References


  • In-class participation 10%
  • Homework 10%
  • Mid term and Exam 40%
  • Lab 20%
  • Project 20%


Attending exam is compulsory.